Swirl- Selected of Red Dot Design Award 2015

Relationships can yield complexity and in the midst of such, it may turn into a big whirlpool of emotions. Such mixed rings of whirlpool somehow strike a resemblance to mixture and complex webs of people’s emotion tangled together. Among such, love may be the epitome of conflicting emotions, as it may take a form of restrictiveness in the name of love, yet it also allows freedom to flourish within the boundaries of love. The design feature of the Swirl Ring reflects such binding oneness by linking each washer into an non-detachable form yet a non-stop, metamorphic nature of multi-shapes when the ring is touched, worn or put on a surface. This expresses the conflicting yet harmonious emotions that love portrays, via the medium of five washers chosen, connected yet not locked, allowing unlimited display of free form. The design motive starts from the whirlpool of complex emotions of restrictive yet free love, but the final product portraying such complexity via simple language, absent of any decorative elements.

The five washers are intertwined and interlocked, yet each washer has its own life and when one wears the ring, each individual washer comes alive and take a ‘live’ form by gliding along one’s finger, going through metamorphosis to arrive at a final shape, creating a perfect and free form, befitting that one special person. It thus also offers added pleasure and unexpected fun to the wearer. The initial feel of restrictiveness is gone and a new liberated feel is here to stay. While silver may be the most common and popular material, the ring is also available in precious metals.

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Selected participant of Red Dot Design Award 2015. Check out the Red Dot 21 website: